A Note from Hannah:

Lupine Lane Co. is inspired by my life at my cottage. Before I'd ever even begun looking for property I'd been going through one of the toughest patches in my life- often turning to my journal to express sadness over a loss of self I'd been feeling. Months after finding my little cottage haven in the woods I was leafing through the pages when I found an entry that made tears come to my eyes:

“I know I could love me more- should love her more. I would know her mind, and the pains and the sorrows, and I would not have to hold her wrists to keep her near me, or have to ask for love in return. I would cradle her heavy head, as she would mine. We whisper soothing secrets to each other on dark nights, like candles flickering to one another. She wisps through lupine growing in fields surrounding a cottage in the woods. She knocks on my door with excitement and schemes, and we love each other and wipe tears from our cheeks, and when I look at her I can't understand how I could have ever locked her out. I will find you, I will find you. Please keep our secret life in the forest safe for me until I can run to you, until I can find me again."

I'd written this hoping to find myself again one day; to know myself like I once had. I stood there, looking out the door of my cottage as the sun set golden over the lupine growing out front, tears streaming down my cheeks, and felt whole. Lupine Lane Co. is a reminder to stay true; the creations of a girl who found herself in the woods, in a field of lupine.